Two Millstones | About

Photo Credit: Andrew Bydlon


I am a photographer, producer, and writer.

With a special place in my heart for everything outdoors.

Why Two Millstones?

Millstones are archaic pieces of technology employed to grind grain. They're massive stones that are immensely powerful, but they're only effective when they work in pairs. Similarly, I'm most fulfilled when working with others. If you want to see some of my best collaboration, head over to Caveman Collective and see some of our team's work; if nothing else, you'll be highly motivated to reconstitute your weekend and plan for something in the backcountry.

Moreover, millstones are old-fashioned, and I have a penchant for old-fashioned things. Opening doors, allowing ladies to sit first, and obscure vernacular are mores I would like to think are not solely sentimental vestiges of the 18th century.

- William Rochfort Jr.